Star Vision

CSI Star Vision

Elevate your hospitality establishment with our cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) system. Seamlessly merging functionality and captivating design, our POS enhances operator experiences through streamlined operations, detailed insights, and intuitive user navigation. Redefine hospitality with a POS where form and function unite seamlessly.

Hand held

Hand held ordering system

Revolutionize your hospitality business with our Handheld Ordering System. Seamlessly connecting servers with the kitchen and bar, this innovation boosts sales, elevates server performance, and guarantees order accuracy. Experience rapid communication, real-time updates, and a streamlined workflow that transforms the dining experience, driving customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Turnover web app

Turnover web app

Introducing our feature-rich web app that simplifies your business analysis. It provides a clear breakdown of your turnover for the current 24 hours versus the average for the same day over a defined number of weeks. What makes it truly indispensable is its visual representation – interactive bar charts that compare the performance of each day in the current week to previous weeks. But that's not all; our app takes it a step further by automatically identifying and categorizing sales into distinct drink and food categories. Say goodbye to complex data analysis and hello to actionable insights with our user-friendly web app.

About Boss

For the past three decades, our POS Sales Company has proudly stood at the forefront of the industry With a rich legacy spanning 30 years, we have solidified our reputation as a trusted partner in the realm of point-of-sale solutions. Our extensive experience in commissioning systems has empowered businesses of all sizes to optimize their operations and enhance customer experiences.

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